Ecat has been operating in the monumental and industrial clock and watchmaking industry since 1971, creating clocks for churches, municipal buildings and private and public companies. With a view to completing the range of products dedicated to churches, in 1995, the Ecat Campane foundry was established on the site of the former Fonderia Mazzola Achille di Valduggia, which dates back to 1404.
The mission of company is inextricably linked with its history, its founding members, its workforce, the environment in which it operates and its in-depth knowledge of the product.
Ecat positions itself as a favoured supplier of high-end timepieces, providing support to the customer at all stages of the process, from conception to mass production.
In line with the company's mission, Ecat has decided to work in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2015 standard for the management of its quality system, in order to make its business processes as efficient and effective as possible.
From 2019 Ecat's management team has voluntarily chosen to adhere to the UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2015 standard as it was considered essential to monitoring every aspect of the company's performance, not only in relation to the product itself, but also in terms of the rationality of the organisation - the analysis of the context within which it operates, the various parties involved in its activities, and the risks detected - as well as with regard to the company's efficiency and degree of compliance with the various programmes in operation and to the optimisation of its performance, with a view to increasing customer satisfaction, profit and challenging itself to improve.
Accordingly, Ecat is dedicated to: