Let it be easy

Much more than just a control clock Easy to use and versatile. Made to make your work easier, you won't find a better assistant. Our fifty years of knowledge in the field of control clocks combined with latest-generation technology. Let it be easy. Let it be easy for you wherever you are, at any time. Extreme usability, connectivity, visual programming system, integrated keypad and Cloud service.


3D Viewer

Change angle, rotate, zoom to explore E·Klok in high resolution. Click on the highlights for details or at the top right to start full screen mode.

HMI: Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface synonymous with simplicity It only takes a few taps to complete an operation. The interface will easily guide you in performing programming quickly and easily, even for the inexperienced user. Less time spent understanding the device translates into lower costs.

Predictive maintenance. Before it happens.

Targeted interventions, where and when they are needed. A complete maintenance management program designed to help end-users achieve a series of objectives (firstly an increase in productivity) thanks to the reduction of the periods of non-use of the system due to faults and anomalies and the reduction of costs related to maintenance.

Cloud: Always. Everywhere.

E-Klok also includes a Cloud service. What does that mean? You will have everything at your fingertips, wherever you are, at any time, with a simple tap. Analyse the state of the system in real-time. The information acquired will allow you to avoid lost turnover while reducing intervention costs on site.

Programming: child's play

After saving a system on E-Klok, it will be easy to view all its components on the device: oscillators, hammers and customised functions. Thanks to the immediate graphics, you will be able to control the entire system and modify it at any time. The main innovation of E-Klok is the Blocky system: music, tunes and routines all programmable through a simple animation, in an environment where no code needs to be entered. Thanks to the commands presented in the form of blocks, it is possible to sequence pauses, repetitions, chimes and sounds, all integrated with the required services (light, heating).

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