GPS technology brings a whole new level of precision!

With the development of the new outdoor Cityclock, Ecat Orologi has entered a new frontier in time measurement. The GPS antenna guarantees absolute precision and the self-correcting hands reduce clock maintenance to almost zero, for timeless reliability. Cityclock is the perfect answer to city timekeeping and street furnishing for vast airport spaces, station platforms or social rendezvous such as squares, parks and golf clubs. A modern-day totem that signals the passing of time. Long-life lithium batteries (the clock is also available with DCF77 synchronisation).

GPS technology

Absolute precision and self-correcting hand sensor

Excellent readability

Modern or period design, single or double sided, with added decorations

Long-life lithium batteries

Available for use with batteries or 220 V.

Materials: aluminium and cast iron

Weather-resistant oven-baked paint


  • Case in oven varnished galvanized steel and aluminium with epoxy resins that are resistant to atmosphere agents
  • Cover in unbreakable Plexiglas
  • Power supply: long life lithium battery or 220 VAC
  • Absolute accuracy: 1 thousandth of a second/year (with GPS or DCF77 signal)
  • Weight 13 kg ca (28 lb)


  • Time base: quartz with synchronized device via GPS or DCF-77 signal (see master clock CIT05-09 or CLK35)
  • Removable GPS antenna to optmize signal reception (see RDE10)
  • High sensitivity adjustable DCF77 antenna for signal reception up to 3000 km from Mainflingen (see RDE05)
  • Movement of the clock hands with polarized minutes
Click on a link below to explore the benefits of GPS technology and create your own personalised Cityclock with our online Configurator

Opt for innovation
and time will never be the same again